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Professionals will always require knowledge and skills, regardless of the areas in which they work, and with the assistance of our Mindset Discovery Center or MDC™’s experienced team of trainers, they can gain the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to carry out essential tasks proficiently. At MDC™, we are often asked “Why choose MDC™ as opposed to other providers?” and our simple answer is that clients should choose our soft skills, management and technical training programs, workshops and seminars because of the combination of world-class trainers, excellent customer care and affordable pricing, which we believe sets us apart from the crowd. Mindset Discovery Center™, our answer to all of your training requirements. Through implementation we will make sure that our clients interests are taken care of.

vision, mission and Core Values


To be the leader in delivering unquestionably sustainable solutions and services, pioneering a future where environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic prosperity converge seamlessly for the benefit of our clients and the planet.


To create an efficient ecosystem of business partnership through our R.A.I.N philosophy, i.e., to engage our clients by being Realistic about our approach, by being Appreciative about the opportunity presented to us, maintaining high level of Interest, and always being Nice to everyone involved in the ecosystem.


Our business is to keep our clients happy with every project we deliver and we do it with a big SMILE
- Socially Active and Friendly
- Maintain High Moral Values
- Uphold Integrity
- Build a Lasting Impression in everything we do
- Totally Engaging every step of the way through effective delivery mechanism

our training Services

CIDB Training

  • Construction companies need a valid CIDB license before starting work.
  • New licenses or renewals require sufficient CCD points.
  • Only authorized training centers (PLCCD) provide approved programs. Participants earn CCD points by attending these courses.

HRDF Training

  • HRDF established under the 'Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001.'
  • Encourages employers to upgrade employee skills for the digitalized global economy.
  • ZOHL committed to addressing this through tailored training programs for diverse industry needs.

Certification Program

  • ZOHL has partnered with GSDC, PECB, and TCO-TERACOM, who specialize in ISO Standards, IR4.0, Data Science, Telecommunications, and Digital Technology.
  • Industry best practices and globally recognized products/services.
  • Successfully implemented in 100+ countries with top-notch customer support and subject-matter experts.

IN-HOUSE Training

  • In-house training enhances team productivity and work quality.
  • Well-trained staff can show higher engagement, morale, and initiative.
  • Crucial for mitigating risks amid legislative and market changes.
  • Customized the training programs available; contact us for tailored solutions.
  • Our aim is to help your staff reach their fullest potential.

Online Training

  • Shifted from face-to-face to online training due to Covid-19.
  • Online courses maintain quality, skills, and credits of in-person classes.
  • Taught by the same instructors.
  • Flexible study from anywhere, choose your own schedule.
  • Explore MDC™ online courses, register now.

PROTÉGÉ Training

  • Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs
    (PROTÉGÉ) is a unit under the Ministry of Entrepreneur
    Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC).
  • PROTÉGÉ implements initiatives to enhance the marketability potential and entrepreneurial skills among unemployed graduates, open to various fields of study.

Certification Partners


our Trainers

Alauddin Razali

Alauddin Razali

ZOHL Trainer

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Fakitah Mat Kasa

Fakitah Mat Kasa

ZOHL Trainer

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Jane Teh

Jane Teh

ZOHL Trainer

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Ng Soon Kiang

Ng Soon Kiang

ZOHL Trainer

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Noraini Mohd Nor

Noraini Mohd Nor

ZOHL Trainer

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Sathy Vel Naidu

Sathy Vel Naidu

ZOHL Trainer

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Siti Zaleha Binti Ismail

Siti Zaleha Binti Ismail

ZOHL Trainer

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Shazwan Saleh

Shazwan Saleh

ZOHL Trainer

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Dr Hafizal Mohamad

Dr Hafizal Mohamad

ZOHL Trainer

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Why Choose Us


Since 1995 we have accomplished amazing achievements with more than 20,000 SATISFIED participants registered with our various training, workshop, and seminar programs


Over 1,500 companies have participated in working with us to help their staff up-skill and re-skill. Most of these companies are our REPEAT clients


We have organized over 2,000 classes since 1995. The classes are conducted by our team of EXPERIENCED trainers with years of working in their respective industries.

Our Achievements

Learning Course Online

Accessible, immersive online courses offering the latest industry knowledge and practical skills for flexible learning.

The Best Institution

Recognized for excellence, innovation, and a supportive environment—your choice for top-tier education and training.

Teaching Experience

Extensive expertise creating engaging, impactful learning environments that foster growth and success.


Proudly associated with MATPRO, driving teaching innovation and excellence in professional development.

Best Industry Experts

Learn from the finest—our team of seasoned experts brings real-world knowledge and experience to our programs.

TAM Member

Affiliated with TAM, committed to maintaining high standards and excellence in training and consulting services.

Our Certificates

Our Achievement


CIDB Programme


HRDF Programme




Registered Company

What client's say

Its very informative, the facilitator is very professional and provided the class with actual experience and example which we could relate upon. He has also provided us knowledge on day to day safety precautions and also general knowledge towards of electrical hazard and safety

Yap Jun-Zheng
Yap Jun-Zheng Falcon Equipment Services Sdn Bhd

We learned a lot from this class. Content was good. Easy to understand with very minimal knowledge about accounting

Luqman Hisham
Luqman Hisham Mesra Galian Sdn Bhd

Good & knowledge gain session

Muhammad Bin Abd Rahman
Muhammad Bin Abd Rahman Equator Engineering Sdn Bhd

Entertaining with 2 ways communication. Good presentation, at the end of the course, participant able to understand the training

Nur Atiqah
Nur Atiqah Asia Fuji Elevator

Taklimat yang menarik, padat dan sangat berkesan. Aktiviti juga menarik dan memberi input yang mudah untuk peserta taklimat memahami konteks yang ada dalam 'slides'

Siti Nurdiana Hairunas
Siti Nurdiana Hairunas Siticom Engineering

Interesting. The assignment helped a lot on the way to get inspiration & primary proposal.

Cynthia Tan Sze Chai
Cynthia Tan Sze Chai LKT Trading & Construction Sdn Bhd

It is very valuable. The material is really interesting and fun. The presentation is very knowledgeable and will be implemented in the company.

Fika W.T Wire Mesh Trading Sdn Bhd

Mr Carl Ng has presented the course well. It has been a great refresher course for me

Dato Said
Dato Said Lejadi Infra Sdn Bhd

Kursus sangat bagus, sesuai dgn kehendak dan tajuk. Coach yang sgt berpengetahuan dan berkaliber

Puan Noryanil Asmahani Binti Mohd Salim
Puan Noryanil Asmahani Binti Mohd Salim Peserta Kursus Pengurusan dan Operasi Runcit-Penjana HRDF 2021

Saya dapat mempelajari kemahiran baharu untuk menghadapi temuduga dengan berkesan dan mempunyai mindset yang positif dalam mengharungi situasi kerja yang mencabar.

Mohamad Hassan Puaa'd
Mohamad Hassan Puaa'd Peserta MySTEP21 -Batch 6

The course was beneficial for me because it was easy to learn, applicable through life, and the trainers were wonderful.

Zul Adzim
Zul Adzim Participant MySTEP21 -Batch 6

The trainers are very supportive and provide us a good learning environment. I would recommend it to everyone out there in preparing themselves for a better opportunities in the future.

Nukman Zaki
Nukman Zaki Participant MySTEP21 -Batch 3

Our Clients

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